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My Divination Reading with Got2BOshun ✨

Apr 28, 2021

Please note: These readings are highly personal, so while I won’t get into all the things, I can tell you now, you need to go ahead and book!

Full disclosure, the current collection I’m working on, Legacy + Lineage: Rich Soil came from a place of longing. Deep longing for connection to ancestral power and knowledge. Don’t get me wrong, I have my altar, I meet with The Spiritual Aunties on Wednesday, and we about that Spiritual Work, but I still felt like I needed more. I was hungry! And that hunger is the whole reason for the collection. Dropping May 5th, don’t miss out.

Funny thing about Diving Timing, it’s always on time! My sister-friend, Aisha, gifted me with a reading from Got2BOshun for my 38th, after I saw a fellow Aunty, Kindred, speak so highly about her reading. I’ve been wanting a Divination Reading for a long time, and here it was!



Got2BOshun is the aunty energy you need! I’ve had readings with other practitioners before, but this one is one of the few that felt like home, like family! She is welcoming and so easy to talk to, I highly recommend her just off the strength of her light and energy!

BUT THIS READING THOUGH…Let’s talk about it!

So she opens with the invocation of Oshun, which sounds like a prayer song, and is absolutely beautiful to witness, at this point after you take some deep breaths, I highly suggest you grab a pen and pad ‘cause…

She starts saying names, and this is where you write, she spells them out, so don’t worry. Once she is done with the names she goes back and breaks everything down. The first portion is your spiritual womb. The destiny deities you were born under, and the destiny portion is more of an affirming chat, especially if you’ve been doing your work. It speaks to the things you struggle with, the things that are to come, and the things that you are destined to do! In the famous words of my big brother, Tommy J: HIGH POWER!

about me


The second portion is all about Orishas, or so I thought. As someone who doesn’t have Orishas, when she said it, I was a little taken aback. Nah, real shit, I was hurt 🤣

Live Footage when she said it…


Truth is I thought we all did, nope. Then, I got the news of a lifetime. I never knew why Voodoo felt so comfortable to me, why New Orleans felt like home, and kept coming up in readings for me until now!

I am Vodun, and have Vodun Deities or Deities from the Voodoo Pantheon.

i am a child of


ALSO WILDLY ON POINT! Vodun is practiced by the Ewe Fon people of Benin, Togo and Ghana, which also aligns with my DNA results. There are 50-11 other synchronicities that have been blowing my mind since I got the reading.

Now keep in mind, she doesn’t ask anything about you, no birthday or none of that, but everything she said was bullseye after bullseye, Curry from the arch energy, okay! It’s such an empowering reading, and with all this work I’m doing for legacy and lineage it came right on time.

Big Love to Ish for blessing me with this Birthday Goodness!

Bonus! Yup, there’s a bonus lol The Vodun call me (aka my Spiritual name)…

(toh-way-vee) related to Thunder

10/10 Recommend, it’s such a high power connection! I can’t wait until my next one.


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