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Dear Jenell…

Jun 5, 2020

I’m so proud of you.

Proud doesn’t really encompass the feelings I have coursing through my body when it comes to you. You have faced your terrors, horrors, pain and fears head-on and conquered them, not only for yourself but for the legion of women who came before you.

You are cut from a Warrior’s Cloth that’s woven with the threads of a Lover, a Healer, a Light, a Nurturer, and a Creator.

Your journey home this time was rough.

It was filled with things you knew would come up, and some things from middle school that you didn’t know would effect you until it did.

It’s funny how those boxes we tuck away into the corners of our mind show up exactly when they are supposed to; I’m so happy you opened each box.
I’m happy you cried.
I’m happy you screamed.
The thing I’m most happy about is you’re still soft. Sometimes healing can harden you, but not you, just like Grandma said, “Your coffee will never go bitter.”
And that stands true today.

I’m getting emotional writing you this letter because I’ve seen and experienced everything you have and I stand in awe because you’re still smiling from everywhere in spite of it all.

Here you are are warm as the sun and bright as the moon.

I find it admirable that you are always so open and so ready to not only heal your own traumas and horrors, but that of all the women in your blood line!

You always come out on the other side better, wiser, doper, and this time home is no different. The world doesn’t look and feel the same because you are not the same. Some people will align and others won’t, but that’s not your business. Your ascension is yours and yours alone even though your sisterhood, your queendom, your ilk + a few kings held space for you along the way + continue to do so.

Our gratitude and love runs deep for each and every one of them in all the ways.

Jenell, as you continue to evolve into your next form, never forget that you are more than capable of conquering anything set before you with grace and ease. Abundance is your birthright, and so is light, passion, and goodness.

I love you,


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