so, what's the culture?

what is aud culture?

an ode to BLACK WOMEN

Aud Culture has been a journey of self-love, romance, growth work, healing work and a whole bunch of other musings, intentions and actions. You find her today different than she was when she was first birthed by me. As I grow and expand, so does she. It's important to give ourselves and the things important to us the time, attention and rest they need. I apply this same energy to business. Moving away from a production-heavy mindset and pumping up the volume on intention has lead myself and Aud to this beautiful space. However, her foundation remains the same: She's been about Black Women and is still about Black Women...all Black Women!

This temple, this House of Aud is a space for Black creativity, romance, love, forgiveness, healing and anything else we choose that aligns with our very best good—that's The Culture. I want you to have the Audacity to choose yourself, romance yourself and expand however you see fit. The House of Aud is a fortified sanctuary for you to just be. 

So, take all of that off...

With love and adoration,

and just be!