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She Lit November | Lyrical Lit Series feat. Jay-Z

Nov 1, 2019

Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) starts this month, and aside from my monthly blog post, which drops 11/4, I will be including writing prompts, character studies, amazing dialogue and prose I overheard lol and a few snippets from my upcoming novel!

If The Spirit moves you, please join in, and tag me so I can read and feature all the things.

We are going to kick things off with an old Lyrical Lit entry! Attention: after re-reading it last night, I realize now, it has a Queen and Slim vibe. This piece was written in 2017.


The white officer’s face cracks with anger. Reaching into the driver’s window, he forcibly pulls the Noland from the car.

Before this, the hottest Summer night of 65 was going smooth. On his way home from his very first day with Loretta, a woman he’s courting, his creamy brown skin beads up with energy over the excitement of he and Loretta going steady. He’s confident his freshly processed hair, moon grey pants, and crisp white shirt and tie and made an amazing first impression.

Winding down the Carolina road, he replays the kiss he and Loretta shared when Sheriff James Stokie pull him over. Noland’s body tenses as his tires come to a halt. Men that look like him either left beaten and bruised or didn’t leave at all when they crossed paths with Stokie.

In the sticky mist saturating the night air, they scuffle. Through aggressive grunts the Sheriff directs Noland to stop resisting, but Noland doesn’t want to die that tonight. He fights hard for his life. The fight goes on for what seems like hours to Noland when luck arrives in the form of him getting his slim, brown fingers around Sheriff Stokie’s gun.

Lyrics from 99 Problems submitted by Aisha M.
Please excuse any grammar issues.

reminder: your dreams want to come true

  1. Eesh Boogie says:

    Love this! You definitely painted a scene and I did get Queen and Slim vibes from it. When I read the writing prompt I thought “I LOVE this lyric” then I saw that I was the one who submitted it to you. Looking forward to more this month.

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