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I tried Foria for Pleasure and here’s what happened…

Sep 4, 2019

Reporting Live!

Before we get into it, this is not going to be a safe-for-work post, you’ve been warned.

Let me just say that masturbation is unequivocally, one of my all-time favorite forms of self-care. It usually starts with a ritualistic bath that includes THC bath salts or THC coconut oil. There’s also music, crystals, flower essences, candles and incense. But, not before smoking a pleasure inducing strain (Durban-Thai High Flyer takes me there.) That’s right, Yoni-girl gets the red carpet treatment in all things! She deserves it.

During an adventure to “Winterfell” 😂 I was introduced to Foria for Pleasure THC Lube for the first time.


Foria Pleasure THC Lube had the key to every lock my Clitoris had. It had me open. The lube itself comes in beautiful black, minimal packaging. The bottle is a small, amber, glass squirter (giggity) or spray bottle. They also have samples, who doesn’t like samples. Big love to Sam’s Club and Costco!

Please. Follow. The. Directions. Not to say anything bad will happen if you don’t, but for maximum orgasm, do what it says! Also, for those of you who can’t smoke or enjoy THC you can use this without it giving you dirty pee. I know, this shit keeps getting better.

My go-to move is right after a bath I put it on my clitoris and labia, once the full ritual is done (facial, applying lotion, mirror work and dancing) the lube hits and it’s go time. I can only describe the feeling as euphoric.

Full Disclosure: I don’t partake in any penetration, I use my Lelo Dallas Multipass aka The Lelo Sona, it’s the greatest tag team since HBK and Triple H

In short, Foria Pleasure THC Lube is a new layer of discovery for your body, a new adventure I promise you want to go on, I swear by it!

To all my pleasure seeking beings, this is the one!

Happy New Year, QB!

What’s your favorite self-care ritual? Meet me in the comments.

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