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Heirlooms, Series Bible

Mar 11, 2023

Black Screenwriter - Heirlooms






Black Screenwriter - Heirlooms

“Heirlooms” is an 8-episode series that explores Black American folklore, idioms, and generational storytelling through the lens of Horror. Journey with us to Stantonville, a fictional coastal southern city that boasts a rich history of legacy and lore.

Over the course of the series, we’ll experience this booming Black epicenter during various time periods to learn what offerings, good and bad, have been handed down generation after generation.

This is the story of HONORING YOUR ANCESTORS and what happens when you don’t.
This is the story of HEIRLOOMS that could hinder, hurt or harm, ourselves and those around us.
This is the story of a CITY and it’s growth through time.
This is a story of HAUNTS, HAINTS, CURSES and SACRIFICE.

Authentic, emotional and rooted in the Black experience, Heirlooms is a love letter to grandma’s collard greens, grandpa’s timepiece, and breaking generational curses.

Stantonville’s gifts are the unique voice of Get Out, the authenticity of Tales from the Hood, and the audacity of Black Mirror.

Symone and I created this series because of the richness of the Black cultural experience. You can be from Detroit, Brooklyn, or Miami, and we all share a common experience whether that be inquires about ‘who made the potato salad’ or ‘being in the house before the street light’, we wanted to tell our own stories through the lens of horror/thriller.

Intrigued? Check out the first few pages of our series bible here.

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