That. That is what happens, every single time. I’ve been dying to use Yoni Steams for some time now, and thanks to my Sistar, Nef, I found the goodness that is YES GOD Yoni Steams, and I haven’t looked back since. Let’s start from the beginning. All of this is inspired by Fibroids. Bill Nye […]

“The consequences of speaking my truth are ones I’m willing to take on.” -Chimamanda We’ve all stuck around in relationships hoping things would change. I’ve hoped people would hear me when I communicated, and really receive and comprehend what I was saying, hell, I’ve pleaded with hope for things to improve and be better in […]

Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) starts this month, and aside from my monthly blog post, which drops 11/4, I will be including writing prompts, character studies, amazing dialogue and prose I overheard lol and a few snippets from my upcoming novel! If The Spirit moves you, please join in, and tag me so I can […]

for Champion. for me. This one took me a while to write. I wasn’t honestly sure where to start, so we’re going to start with me stating the facts. I had a second trimester miscarriage, and it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through in all of my 36 years. Okay, got […]

Reporting Live! Before we get into it, this is not going to be a safe-for-work post, you’ve been warned. Let me just say that masturbation is unequivocally, one of my all-time favorite forms of self-care. It usually starts with a ritualistic bath that includes THC bath salts or THC coconut oil. There’s also music, crystals, […]

First off, I’m so fucking excited. Welcome to Aud’s Rebirth! Listen, the layered and intense journey of self-discovery that brought me to this rebirth was hard. I received, unexpected, yet amazing news: I was pregnant. It had it’s ups and downs emotionally, but it was beautiful…until it wasn’t (more on that in a later post). […]