bespoke wearable art. limited quantities.

so, what's the culture?

what is aud culture?

a love letter to Black womxn

Not because of your strength, but because of your ability to go through what you go through and still choose softness and care. You are the creator of all things, letting the world know if shit is cool or not! Nobody is more supportive than you either.

Don't believe me? What you gon' do if someone walks past you and they killin' either their look, that hair, or "OKAY, SHOES! I SEE YOU!"

You are Love incarnate, and you deserve Love that ain't stepped on. You deserve romance, respect, and protection. Thank you for inspiring me and being a muse for everything I do. 

I been about you and I'm still about you. 

This temple, this House of Aud is a space for Black creativity, romance, love, forgiveness, healing and anything else we choose that aligns with our very best good—that's The Culture. Exercise the Audacity to choose yourself, romance yourself and expand however you need. The House of Aud is a fortified sanctuary for you to just be. 

So, take all of that off...

With love and adoration,


couldn't fit everyone, blame the layout not my heart...

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