Design Consigliere: Logo Design 101

Logo Design: 101

Design Consigliere: Logo Design 101

Serving Face with Logo Design: 101

The next step to starting a business is branding it. Giving it a face.

I have been branding businesses since 2008, but it turned into a healthy obsession around 2014. I love branding small businesses. My kink is working with business owners who have decided it is time to share their baby/idea with the world.

If you are one of those people, and you are working on DIYing or working with a designer, it is good to have a clear understanding of what a logo should be.

Your logo should be

Simple. Appropriate. Memorable.



You want a logo that does not take a manual to figure out. Something easy to understand and digest.



If you’re business deals in men’s personal care and grooming, you don’t want to use a dainty logo, and soft colors. You want a logo that speaks to your target demographic.



People don’t like to spend too much time doing anything, and that includes thinking. If your logo is too complex, or has a hidden message, most people will not take the time to dissect or decipher it. You want something that people will remember, and when they are presented with just your logo, their brain will call on your brand and its amazing products.

Finally, please avoid trends. You want to stay ahead of trends by creating or getting something timeless created for you. Something that will stand the test of time. Think Nike and Apple. Can you think of some logos that are timeless, simple, approachable and memorable? Sound off below.

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Once you move into working with a designer to create your logo or working on it yourself, there are other elements like colors and fonts that will bring everything together for a complete and polished logo.

See you next time when we chat about my favorite thing – fonts.

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