Design Consigliere: Hosting

Design Consigliere Hosting

Design Consigliere: Hosting

What is hosting?

Welcome back. Did you get your domain? If so, let me know which domain you purchased. Was it your first choice?

Today we are going to speak about Hosting. So, what is it?

Think of it like this. If your website is your house or condo, your web address is the street address, and the hosting is the plot of land that your house sits on, get it?

When looking for hosting you want to find a hosting provider with superior customer service. I have had really horrible experiences for myself and with clients where entire sites were lost, and the hosting provider offered no solutions. You want to choose hosting providers like you would choose a neighborhood you are actually moving into.

What perks do they offer? Do they offer free emails? Is their customer service 24 hours? Is there hosting user-friendly.

They will offer you many different plans, for instance, one of my favorites Media Temple, which is a bit on the higher end offers #1 – Shared Hosting and #2 – WordPress Hosting.

Media Templed Shared Hosting

Media Temple WordPress Hosting

Most hosting will offer a free domain too! So, if you didn’t purchase your domain yet, you may be offered a free one when you purchase your hosting.

While Blue Host, a client fave, offers these:

Blue Host Shared Hosting

You want to pay attention to How many sites they offer you. Website Storage, Space and/or Bandwidth. Subdomains. Email Accounts (super important).

If you have question about the best hosting for you, shoot me a message. Let’s discuss your needs and budget.

See you next Friday for Logo Design: 101.

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