Lyrically Lit feat. Jay-Z

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Lyrically Lit feat. Jay-Z

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“I ain’t pass the bar but I know a little bit, enough that you won’t illegally search my shit.”

The white officer’s face creased up with anger. Reaching into the driver’s window, he forcibly removed the man from the car.

It felt like the hottest summer night of ’65. Noland was on his way home from seeing a young lady named Loretta that he was courting. His freshly permed hair was neat, and his moon grey pants, topped with a crisp white shirt, tie and sweater made it easy for him to make a first impression.

His creamy brown skin beaded up with energy over the excitement of he and Loretta going steady. He was winding down the North Carolina road, when Sheriff James Stokie stopped him.

Men that looked like Noland either left beaten and bruised or with a white sheet over them when they crossed paths with Stokie. Noland’s body tensed as his tires came to a halt.

In the sticky mist that saturated the night air they scuffled. Through aggressive grunts the Sheriff directed Noland to stop resisting. Noland didn’t want to die that night, so he fought and fought for his life.

The fight went on for what seemed like hours to Noland when luck arrived in the form of Noland getting his slim fingers around Sheriff Stokie’s gun.

Lyrics from 99 Problems submitted by Aisha M. Want to submit a lyric, email me at, subject: Lyrical Lit Submission

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