Design Consigliere: Snatch Your Domain

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Design Consigliere: Snatch Your Domain

Are you looking to start your business soon?

Today is a great time to start. No, let me rephrase. NOW is the time to start putting the pieces in place to get your business off on the right path.

Domain’s are a crucial part of your setting up your business. A domain or url is where your website lives in the world of the Internet. Just like Facebook lives at and Aud Culture lives at, your url is your business’s online HQ. Unfortunaely, I can’t tell you how often clients have come to me ready to get their website done, but their domain or URL is unavailable.

Picture it! You have this awesome name.

Let’s use The Indigo Blues for example.

A great color palette? Check.
Cool inspiration pinned daily to your logo board? Check.

You have even done your research about your target market. Now, it is time to get your site designed. The first step is getting your domain. We do a domain search for and you get the dreaded.



Or the “this domain is for sale”, with some astronomical price tag. You begin to try try different variations on your name like or, which you are open to, but they are not the domain you really wanted.

Let’s avoid that early. If you have a name that you are set on, get your domain now. You don’t have to do anything with it this very moment, but owning it is one more piece of the puzzle you don’t have to stress about.

Where can I purchase domains?

A few places include:

Media Temple
Blue Host
Google Domains (Beta)

Snatch that baby now. See you next week to chat about hosting.

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