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Lyrical Lit Welcome

The Lyrical Lit Series with Aud Culture

challenge yourself, girl.

Welcome to my The Lyrical Lit Series. I created this to help improve my craft. Oh no, not Design, though I enjoy improving that every chance I get. I mean writing. Yup, you learn something new every day. Writing has always been a really big passion of mine, and only a handful of people know that. Now you do too!

I have been a designer for 9+ years, and I have no qualm with sharing my design with the world. I have honed it, groomed it, and crafted it to be my own unique voice in the design world. I am absolutely fine with people either loving it or hating it. Makes me no never mind. Whether I am providing a service for a client or creating something for fun, someone else’s approval means little to me.

Not the case with writing!

So, it’s about time I Lady GaGa this thing:

Lyrical Lit Leap of Faith

Look at her form. There was no fear. Only a small prep, and she was out of there!
So, here is my own leap of faith.

I am scared shitless, but I am on a quest to become the best writer I can be.
Before I start, consider yourself warned: My POV and perspective are my own. Meaning when it comes to topics in sci-fi and fantasy, this ain’t yo hunger games.

Lyrically Lit Wednesdays

Every Wednesday I will post a small literary sketch created from a Rap or RnB lyric. The remix to a writing prompt, but one I would be interested in actually completing. A 30 minute exercise, 15 min to write, and 15 min to edit, so I get better at both.

I am always open for constructive criticism and critique. For those of you who do not know what that is, see below:

I don’t like it. = No
How about your try xyz. Use a BLANK instead of a BLANK here, so that your story does BLANK. See the difference?

Are you a writer? Want to join in? Please do, I’d love to read your stuff. See you on Wednesday.

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