Janelle Monae x Vintage DIY

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Janelle Monae x Vintage DIY

One of my absolute favorite songs of 2013 was Queen by Janelle Monae + Erykah Badu (two of my favorites). Not only were the lyrics amazing, but the video was amazing, black and white, clean and inspiring. Stripes, baby! Stripes galore. Monae’s video inspired the fabric I chose for the Pretty Girls Sew’s very first Sew Along chosen by Tabitha of Cheap but Chic Blog, Vintage Vogue 8788. If you have not checked out the song or video, do so ASAP. Check out my DIY below!


Pattern Review

What fabric did you use? How much was it? Where did you get it?

I used a silk rayon from Hancock’s for both the bottom and top. I don’t remember exactly, but it was about 25 – 28 dollars. We had to keep supplies under $30.

What was the inspiration for your creation?


What did you like most?

The finished look, definitely! I loved the way it came together. How it moved and flowed when I walked.


This was when I first started sewing, so this was my VERY FIRST pattern. I cringed the entire time I put it together. In my time I realized that pattern directions are intimidating, but with some definitions and some reading ahead of time, with a side of cutting corners, you can do anything!

Will you create it again?

Most likely not, one is enough 🙂

Any challenges, advice, suggestions or overall impression?

Take your time and read the instructions ahead of time, it’ll make things so much easier. I also googled how others liked the pattern, and got a really cool note on the tie string. Definitely started doing that with every pattern.


May 2013.



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