Introducing Pretty Girls Sew

Introducing Pretty Girls Sew

Introducing Pretty Girls Sew

*insert fireworks, confetti, the full band and drum majors*

Find Your People

I can not stress how awesome and important it is to have a support group in anything you do. Said group comes in handy especially when you are trying something new. After meeting the lovely co-founders of Pretty Girls Sew, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be, and who I was supposed to be with.

We met on Instagram believe it or not. The decision was made to come together and do sew-alongs. The difference between ours and other sewalongs is we celebrate everyone who submits no matter the skill level.  Our PGS tribe is amazing! Their submissions are always inspiring and important. If you are just starting out with sewing, and need help, support, or just want a place to show off your creations definitely join Pretty Girls Sew. Don’t forget out annual Rippin’ Ain’t Easy Sewing Competition.

Aud Culture - Pretty Girls Sew

Go check out the site, get acquainted, join and start creating. We have so much to offer the people who support us! I look forward to seeing what you create. Don’t forget to check PGS out on Instagram and Facebook too!



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